Free webinar: PAT in Continuous Process Biopharmaceutical Platforms

10 May 2022/ 3-4 pm CEST


Anurag S. Rathore Ph.D (Yale University). Coordinator, DBT Center of Excellence for Biopharmaceutical Technology
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. His previous roles included management positions at Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, California and Pharmacia Corp., St. Louis, Missouri.
His areas of interest include process development, scale-up, technology transfer, process validation, biosimilars, continuous processing, medical image analysis, process analytical technology and quality by design.


Continuous processing has been garnering much interest lately for production of biopharmaceutical products. Purported benefits include higher productivity (10-15X), significant shrinkage in facility footprint as well as equipment cost, and improved process control and consistency in product quality.
However, industrial implementation remains a non-trivial task due to the significant complexities associated with controlling continuous processes.
This talk will present a perspective on the challenges that are faced while developing and implementing a robust and adaptable automated control system for continuous biopharmaceutical processes. Case studies will be presented to illustrate key concepts.

Finally, a 15 min Q&A session will be held to discuss about the current status of implementation of PAT solutions for biopharmaceuticals.