We help you to optimize water & energy consumption and to deal with environmental regulations.

Integral optimization. Economic savings opportunities. Products & Services

-Technical assessment consultancy services:

        • Use and consumption of water and energy.
        • Water recycling and reuse.
        • Unconventional resources, rainwater harvesting and grey water reuse.

-Sampling and analysis of water and air emissions.

-Legal advice, administrative proceedings on discharge permits and limits, water rate, environmental permits. Legal defense.

-Efficiency and management of energy in factory.

Goals & ROI

-Reduction of water and energy consumption. Improve energy efficiency and water savings in industrial facilities.

-Minimization and prevention at source of effluents, discharges, sewage sludge, industrial wastes, air emissions. Pollutant emissions control.

-Specific solutions based on BATs for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector.

-Economic, environmental and social sustainability:

        • Reduce operating costs (OPEX) and associated taxes.
        • Compliance with environmental regulations.
        • Improve corporate social responsibility.