QbD Spain and QbD Benelux join forces.

QbDs join forces

We are proud to announce the signature of a partnership with the Belgian Quality by Design, the expert in quality management for Benelux enterprises in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and cosmetics industries.

From now on, we offer new services for the spanish market, including training, coaching and a technology transfer framework developed by the Belgian company, who in turn offers to their customers the implementation of SMART QbD– the quality by design method that we have developed after 10 years of practical implementation .

With this cooperation both companies expand their services within Europe and combine their expertise. This combined expertise turns QbD as a key option for the pharma sector, to provide support and advice along the entire life cycle of the product, from development to distribution, providing them with specific knowledge, skills and tools.

Bart van Acker, founder and managing director Quality by Design: “The cooperation with QbD Pharmaceutical Services is a great step for QbD. Since 2011 we support Benelux companies and their quality management processes, and with this new partnership we expand our services to the rest of Europe. Thanks to the addition of the SMART QbD methodology to our portfolio, we are the only player in the market to offer all services under one roof – from validation and quality management to technology transfers and quality by design processes. Besides, thanks to our contacts in Spain we gain access to the fast growing South American market.”

Alicia Tébar, CEO QbD Pharmaceutical Services: “We are very pleased with this partnership. QbD only employs qualified, motivated people with a passion for helping companies to accelerate and improve their go-to-market process. With this cooperation we do not only expand our services portfolio, but also increase our knowledge and expertise. It’s a great step towards our European growth. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation and to helping clients comply with the variable rules and processes.”


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